For your interior we offer curved edge parquet of three quality grades, that can be complemented with your favorite oil shade.


Sapwood possible
With live knots
Cracks up to 5 mm filled with epoxy resin
Any imperfections filled with epoxy resin


Sapwood possible
Healthy knots stabilized with epoxy resin
Knots up to 15 mm filled with epoxy resin


No sapwood
No filled knots
Healthy knots up to 15 mm stabilized with epoxy resin

Available colors

3041 Original

3541 Havanna

3137 Transparent Cherry

3138 Transparent Mahogany

3072 Amber

3143 Transparent Cognac

3075 Black

3161 Transparent Ebony

3118 Transparent Granite Grey

3514 Graphite

3129 Brown-Grey

3130 Skifer

3119 Transparent Silk Grey


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