Curved Hardwood Flooring

Live edge flooring where each board is unique with a preserved natural form.


Custom flooring directly from manufacturer

It's astonishing how technologically difficult it is to implement organic shapes in interiors, when nature does it all the time. We took on this challenge and found a way how state-of-the-art technology can help us in achieving a truly one of a kind look with every floor we make.

Unique Design

The unique shape of the boards gives the floor a unique look. Each board is found in the right place on the floor so as to reduce cuts and highlight the natural beauty, thus taking care of nature and at the same time making each floor stand out.

Fundamental Technology

The flooring is constructed as a two-layer parquet, where a 5,5 mm solid-wood lamella is glued on 12 mm plywood, thus gaining stability even in changing seasons and humidity.

Flooring for generations

By choosing a parquet with such a thick layer of solid wood, it is possible to renew it incomparably more times than a similar cheaper product, and in terms of appearance, it pleases from the first day.


Here's what we've done so far! Real projects, for real people, for real everyday life.


The design of each floor is based on a well-thought-out process performed by skilled craftsmen, starting with the selection, production and installation of the right material. As a result, you get a floor that is like a work of art rooted in nature.

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