Flooring for generations

Our parquet boards are treated with Osmo oils and will last a long time. Microporous wood is breathable, provides better air quality and is antistatic - attracts less dust - ideal for people with allergies. The surface is moisture and dirt repellent. Wooden floors are easy to clean and renew.

Manufacturer recommends

Cleaning and maintaining the oiled surface is easy if you follow the instructions. You must first choose the right cleaning products. Do not make a mistake and do not buy any floor cleaner, as all-purpose products contain aggressive substances that can damage the protective wax layer. The surface will become less resistant to moisture and dirt.

Cleaning and maintenance

We recommend using Osmo Detergent Wisch Fix for regular cleaning. Use Osmo Wachspflegeund Reinigungsmittel to refresh the surface. To prolong the life of our surfaces, we recommend that you treat your floors regularly with Maintenance Oil. One of the main advantages of an oiled floor is the ability to restore the surface without sanding. Therefore, in the event of heavier wear, only a certain area or the entire surface can be restored with Osmo hard wax oil Hartwachs-Öl Original.

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