Unique shapes

The unique shape of the wood floor is a work of art inspired by nature, possible thanks to the modern technologies. We find the right place for each board on the floor so as to reduce cuts and highlight the natural beauty, thus taking care of nature and at the same time making each floor we create one of a kind.

The complete production cycle

The floor covering is designed as a two-layer parquet, where a 5.5 mm oak, ash or walnut solid wood lamella is glued to 12 mm plywood, thus gaining stability also during seasonal and humidity changes. We ensure the drying of the material on site at our factory until the required moisture level is reached. Each floor is custom made and is assembled in the factory before delivery to the customer to ensure the highest quality.

Accuracy at every step

Before delivery, each floor is test-assembled on site at the factory to make sure that each board is in place. The greatest attention is paid to assembling parquet boards in delivery crates. We guarantee the highest quality!

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